суббота, 2 июня 2012 г.

Dock for iPhone and iCharge secret camera

Dock. iCharge. for. iPhone. and the secret chamber.
There are comrades who do not trust anyone around, including those who live under one roof. The trust and doubt must be appropriate to document and prove. And if someone finds itself without an evil hand is doing something reprehensible on his iPhone, now it is possible to fix this camera. It is built straight into the dock.

Docking station. iCharge. look, no matter what other say, only in her body positioned CCD-camera 450 TVL Color. It is connected to the meter movement, and the recording will start as soon as just about the dock some seem. The owner of the telephone will certainly know whether the iPhone touch without it, and the bundled memory card ( SD) in the 4 GB is enough for a long time, even more so, in fact it is possible to extend it to 32 GB. Simple and the toy, although it is suitable only for those who very, very afraid, and too valuable for its own. iPhone. or. iPad. As the price spy dock iCharge draws 395 dollars the United States.