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News startups.

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shakes tax

Do not like the tax that my unprofitable affiliate does not pay taxes. Now they have a brain fuck accountant. I've been following this for a philosophical. I wonder just how many rolled-in penalties and fines. If a lot, spend a bankruptcy procedure. Although hez.

Therefore, once the topic of the post of business organization. People on the mistakes of others do not learn, but maybe someone will help.

To open the mind of a large firm does not have. Today is the opening Ltd 5.3 thousand. for the services of a lawyer (including printing), 1500, stamp duty, 1000-1500 for the opening of bank accounts. The authorized capital may be the property - for example computer.

The problems start later. First, we need to define the schema nalooblozheniya. These, if roughly, three - including VAT and uproschenke. What is a company with a VAT, I have thoroughly rusty, but it is not important to us and. But uproschenke is 6% from the shaft, or 15 % profit. Another is vmenenka, but for the services it maloprimenima. Vmenenka - this is when paying a fixed tax, regardless of the shaft. Vmenenka is by the number of employees or the trade area (the number of square. m. ). Vmenenku used mainly for shops.

But the services are used uproschenku. Which option to choose - it is easy to understand. If the margin on services (the difference between the arrival and consumption ) more than 15-20 %, then you can stop by 6%. Otherwise, better to look at the 15 % profit. On the tag, too, your hemorrhoids. Not everyone can pull consumption as an expense - for it now and shake my firmochki in another city. Attempts to increase the tax base nalooblagaemuyu. Given that we showed in the first year and 20% of the profits paid to the shaft 500 thousand. rub. almost 30 thousand. taxes ( nearly killed an accountant ), I could hardly understand what they do not like it.

Another mandatory item of expenditure - accounting. I prefer to work with udalenschikami. I do not see them, they work. It is convenient and relatively inexpensive. Such services to a single firm are now seven thousand. rub. The next expense - taxes. In addition to the tax on uproschenke still have to pay taxes, but it should be. And no less than the industry average.

Another pitfall in the work on the tag - if you have a profit of zero, you still need zabashlyat 01.01. 5% tax on profits. With good speed - it's a decent amount of. The more that you pay it in the winter and learn something suddenly - how much to pay.

The following expenses: communication and room rental. All the latest of my problems were somehow related to the need to pay for office. Too expensive for the area came out unnecessary. But in general, an office is useful, especially at the initial stage, when the need is not so much a matter of mind and to prove how much a suit and an office.

All other costs linked to the office: the Internet (often in the building of a monopoly operator), telephones, maid. This is the minimum. Some centers are paying for security, parking, signs, signs, etc.

It turns out. we have not made. And expenses have already passed over:.
Accountant - 7000.
Office - 18000.
Maid - 1000.
Internet - 2000.
Phones - 1000.
Office Supplies - 1000.
Payroll taxes (if one is running in the 12 th. ) 26 % - about 4,000.

Calculation of the obviously incorrect, so we introduce a correction factor. 2 - there is a rule in business ' will still be more expensive '.


Now think about how much we want to put it in his pocket. For example, the fair price of their labor is 30 thousand. (12 in white, the rest - well, you know ).


Now count up the advertising budget. It can not be. But experience shows that 10 thousand. / month. you one way or another, on average will spend. At any garbage like cards, plaques, directories, and test shots in the media.


here. These grandmas we have to make. Suppose we rivet sites and margins have 100% (also not true, because there is a third-party services - hosting, domains, pumping through catalogs, etc. ). Then we have yet to lay a tax on profits. If by some miracle, we will manage to hide profits, 800rub. / month. If there is no 12120rub. / month. (if at all rough to pay). We would like honest.

Well. We did not do anything but must have the first month rivet through 4 Site of 20-25 thousand. The figure is close to the unreal. Since we started with a staff person. A man of more than 1-2 orders in the month does not collect. So blow up the state to webmaster. And now we have to have 5.6 sites. My experience shows that a person will be able to collect five large orders. A year later,. Hence, we need a year to live on their own. T. e. Here we have calculated the start-up capital: 1 million. rub. or 40 thousand. bucks.

All estimates are very approximate. and show the logic of calculation rather than reflect the real situation. In any case, before you get into the business, take a piece of paper and count all. And divide your self-esteem (column ' parish ') into two parts - orders from the sky is not falling - they extracted blood and sweat.

At the end of this post I will give some examples of real loss-making businesses with an easy analysis of the errors.

Last year I ran two businesses: Web -studio in another city, and vending ( coffee machines ). First just started out of the downs. I miscalculated primarily to rental. More precisely. was stupidly substituted. partner at some point fell on me the obligation to pay its arrears on rent (we are located in the old office of his company ). And I could not move out - the landlord would not let us to the technique. The rest had normal growth and if I did not cut off funding, it would have been my least successful web studio than in his hometown. Now the costs are minimized, there are problems with the tax, but managed to retain customers and the core team. It began moving up on orders. Plus, I'm drained into a branch of its orders for manufacturing, not to idle. In general, taxied. Still, there have serious debts, the payment of which I still have to earn.

With all the vending easier. Calculating it was admitted. because of the disruption of the business plan. I have two partners have discovered a new and very promising niche: people drink coffee. Really interesting business. But he has a rather low gross returns (although a decent margin - up to 200 %). And the business becomes zero at 5 machines, and profitable, with 10. And we bought two. potestit. :) In the end, now 4, but the company still operates in the negative ( played, plates ). I am looking for an investor ( or buyer ) and fertilize with a long core business. Partners fell off and I'm working on vending a. More precisely, it deals with techniques. I just think Grandma. :).

I'm in the service of advertising a restaurant. Good restaurant, but here's the master. spared on the interior, salary, concepts, advertising - the quality of services. As a result, the restaurant is horrible losses. And we have to control guerrilla methods secret from the owner trying to make it better for the money for re-registration of the hall we are not allowed. In general, I work at the moment for the idea - very much like to make this restaurant popular - fat in the portfolio will be checked. Push initially (at the concept stage ) losing the restaurant - a good challenge to my self-conceit. In the course of changing the concept, design, advertising a number, the ratio of staff to the process - all slow and viscous, but interesting.

Another example is the quick printing. I started with the hire purchase of the machine - printing machine for quick printing. Later the contract was resold. However, nothing came of it, and the second and the third owner of this vehicle. The problem turned out to reassess the market. Expenses - hoo, and revenues penny - the demand is not so great, and diffuse among many competitors. At the same Mulka operational polygraphy came across a lot of advertising companies in his time. In town for a year, there are so many tools that no orders were sometimes even the market leaders. I ( a mediator) begged orders. And so what I'm dumping scheme built. :) Blackmail passing into the hands of competitors allowed to do on the calendar more than the printing press. He was a good year.

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What frightened Americans in Poteeva

Security expert Fyodor Yakovlev, responded to questions of ... py ... Poteeva, who was found guilty of treason under Article. 275, desertion under Article. 338 of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 25 years in prison ( in absentia), a fine of annual salary, deprivation of rank and state awards. Since Poteeva escape from Russia more than a year. Are you still - the only one of his many colleagues who openly declares his personal acquaintance with him.

- It is clear that the existing staff of the Foreign Intelligence Service of such familiarity will be silent, and the veteran journalists who know him, probably just a bad look. In Russia, and especially in Moscow, they abound.

- What are your impressions of the sentence?.

- Painful, because during the trial, in fact, the only evidence was the betrayal of his absence Poteeva.

- According to media veterans are satisfied with the verdict of the court....

- Do not make fools of the veterans happy. How can we be satisfied? . After the court has found not only where the Pot at the moment, but even if he is alive at all. But, most importantly, according to the verdict, the investigation conducted by the FSB and SVR did not sort out what really happened, but somehow completely passed the American version of that Russian intelligence officers were under 10 years of their ...

- The court has fixed the sentence that he actually started working for the Americans in 2000?.

- Why do you think he was above suspicion?.

- Man asks leave for a couple of days, but do not give him leave, then he is in time spent with dull meeting, citing poor health, but instead rest up at home, went to Minsk. Moreover, the next day he did not appear to work, and his wife SMSkoy (! ) Sends almost a confession of his escape: ... I do not want to, but it turned. I will start life anew. Children will assist, if they accept it, please do not turn them against me! ... That is, of his escape became known to the leadership of the Foreign Intelligence Service since the early morning June 26, and from himself, but... its still no one was looking?! . 51, and crossed the border with Ukraine in general as much as 22. 04 - time to organize his interception was enough.

- And why it is not looking?.

- Because it sat in a bunch of generals and colonels, looked at each other, but they could not believe what is really Pot fled.

- And why it can not be true?.

- In principle,. But, first, that there is no conclusive evidence, and, second, and this is perhaps the most dangerous, so the Americans can be attributed to Poteeva information acquired from another and other ... This is indicated by a strange silence Poteeva over the years since the disappearance of.

However, this may be two explanations - either it is not at all, either in response to reporters' questions, he might blurt out too much, including the timing of his betrayal, or for details of other circumstances. And from this you may find that to some secret information become known to Americans, he simply could not have a relationship for a number of objective reasons. That silent Potev.

- Maybe they're just afraid for his safety?.

- At a press conference for journalists selected and searched in a private protected area? . The greatest danger for him is, except that Anna Chapman. Vain, that whether it is in a glossy magazine with a gun was photographed? .

- Speaking of Chapman. Many expressed skepticism about her abilities scout....

- As they say in Russia, every cricket - to his last. Specificity of intelligence is multifaceted, and each scout has his specific functions. To long to explain, look at his wife of Georgian President Saakashvili's wife Sandra Roelofs, or ex- Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko Katherine Claire Chumachenko. No comments.

- Do you believe in the future Chapman could become the wife of U.S. President? .

- But this could easily take care of other Russian spies. For example, Donald Heathfield, born Andrei Bezrukov and studied at Harvard on the same course with the current President of Mexico Felipe Calderon. And these ... Another Russian intelligence officer, Cynthia Murphy, aka Lydia Guryev, working vice-president office Morea Financial Services, led by Alan Patrikofa financial affairs, one of the leading U.S. venture capital investors, who, as a personal friend of U.S. Secretary of State X. Clinton was responsible for the funding of its election campaign, and it was not the only one of its clients a level of. So, let not the future president, but the senator it could easily marry.

And, in general, do not detract from the dignity of our girls, for example, one Russian - Katia Zatuliveter, who became famous as a result of a spy scandal in England, to him quietly and calmly worked helper Liberal Democrat Mike Hancock, a member of the Defense Committee of the House of Commons of Great Britain.

- Do you think the blame Poteeva unproven?.

- Unfortunately, once again, in the judgment there is no direct evidence of his betrayal, but instead of facts, too many declarations and assumptions. Not a single cache, through which the sweat, to convince the court, passed on information received and the instructions are not found. None of the receipt of money for ten years in the U.S. intelligence also is not fixed. For which he began working for the Americans? .

- But, after that he fled to the United States, the court nevertheless found?.

- How do you say. According to the court, sweating, first went to Minsk, Belarus, then from the documents of a Dudochkin moved through Ukraine to Germany and then in the U.S.. But this is practically nothing is confirmed. The fact that he went to Minsk is known from the words of his wife, who allegedly accompanied him even. But she had already opened a visa to the United States, where she was going to leave soon, so that it can be assumed that Poteeva or blackmailed Poteevyh fate of their children living in the U.S.. The most primitive Poteeva could steal, and his wife play this dramatization of his departure, worrying about the fate of her husband and children, who, incidentally, did not appear at the trial, because until now are in the U.S. and quite possibly, just as hostages.

Revision of the investigation and, accordingly, the court about the route Poteeva must be confirmed, at least, CCTV footage of the Belarusian railway station in Moscow, double (arrival / departure) - railway station in Minsk, the airport of departure in the Ukraine and the airport of arrival in Frankfurt am Main, .

- What about media reports that Pot came to the U.S. in the camera to Lazaro - Vasenkovu with his personal business?.

- This invention with respect to the arrival of Poteeva into the camera, and for display case has denied a former Head of the ...

- Then why so hurry with the sentence, if not understood in all the circumstances of the case?.